About us

Miauco [mɪˈaʊko] develops useful applications for smartphones and tablet computers. Our goal is to create fun and easy to use products that both children and adults can enjoy likewise. We are based in the Richardson, Texas, U.S.A. Our love for cats has not only inspired some of Miauco, LLC's early applications, it in fact also led to the naming of the company (Miauco = Meow Company = Cat Company).


Miauco, LLC focuses on designing and developing mobile applications for Android (phone and tablets) and iOS (iPhone and iPad). We are knowledgeable in the areas of image processing, CG (OpenGL ES), database (SQLite), networking, Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. We can help clients by creating custom solutions to meet almost any mobile application need.

The Team


Andreas Dannenberg

Owner / Solutions Architect

Andreas has an extensive background in electrical engineering and has been working in the field of embedded systems for the last 15 years. Asides this he has always been excited about everything computer from his early days on, when he spent days and nights programming assembler code on a Commodore 64 home computer. During his student days he started a business providing computer programming and consulting services and implemented an extensive PC software program that is used for data analysis in the medical field. With the advent of smartphones and embedded Linux his interests evolved and this is when he created Miauco, LLC.


Ai Gomi

Principal Software Engineer / Graphic Design

Ai holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Ochanomizu university in Tokyo, Japan. Her academic background is in the areas of information visualization and object-oriented programming. She focuses on designing and implementing user interfaces especially on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. She is also teaching math at Japanese School of Dallas.

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