Train Hex Number Arithmetic

A fun educational game for sharpening your hex arithmetic and conversion and skills. Comes with a built-in hex calculator.


HexMaster is a hex number training app. Can you calculate using hex numbers as quickly as you can with decimal numbers? Can you convert between decimal and hex number systems in a matter of seconds, not minutes? HexMaster helps you training your hex number calculation skills. HexMaster also has a versatile built-in hex calculator and should be present in every geek's toolbox.



Hex Arithmetic Training

You can practice hex number arithmetic with HexMaster as well as conversions between the two number systems. Once you clear a level, you can go to next level. You can become the Hex Master after clearing all levels!! Plus, if you are a professional programmer, you will greatly benefit from your improved skills during your day job. Working with hex numbers will become easier than ever, and your colleagues will be impressed!

Hex/Decimal Calculator

HexMaster comes with a built-in calculator. Besides the four basic arithmetic operations it can also perform bit-wise AND, OR, NOR, and XOR. You can convert hex numbers to decimal and vice versa.