Train Your Brain.

CatMath is a fun educational game for sharpening your calculation skills. You can experience real progress by exercising with CatMath every day!!


CatMath is a math app for training your brain. You can practice math with Dr. Cat. Since CatMath always records the time you need to solve ten random equations, it keeps you challenged and makes for a great daily brain exercise. You can also post your time on Facebook and Twitter. The more you practice, the faster you become! Experience your progress!! Moreover, CatMath is good for kids to train their basic math skills. CatMath will make you a math master!!!


You can buy the full version using in-app billing.


Free Version

You can access levels 1-2. Levels 1-2: Difficulty is about Third grade of math level. Ex.) A ? B = C

Full Version $0.99

You can access all levels. Level 3-6: Difficulty is about Middle School/Junior High School level. Ex.) (A ? B) ? C = D, A ? B ? C = D